2015 – 2016 Scholars

Meet the 2015 – 2016 Upper School Bioethics Scholars from The Ethics Institute at Kent Place School.

Neha Bahardwaj, Class of 2018

Neha Bhardwaj is a sophomore at Kent Place School and will be graduating in 2018. She is researching the ethical implications of decision-making in children with gender dysphoria, and is fascinated with the topic and the information she has learned from her peers and research. Neha joined the Bioethics Project because of her passion for science and the fascinating discussions surrounding ethics that she enjoys participating in. She hopes to become a physician, and values the topic of Ethical Decision Making and the Human Lifespan as it is connected to the fields of science and medicine that she hopes to explore in the future.

Lauren Burr, Class of 2016

Lauren Burr is researching ways for the human population to live significantly longer, what this new society would look like, and whether it should or should not be achieved. She chose to be a part of this year’s project to learn about ethics for the first time and to continue learning about Biology in order to prepare herself for a career in Engineering. Lauren has been at Kent Place for four years and loves the confidence she has gained which she attributes to her strong relationships with teachers. She will graduate in June of 2016.

Anjolie Charlot, Class of 2018

Anjolie Charlot came to Kent Place in 2005 as a first grader.  Now, in the 10th grade she joined the Bioethics Project: Medical Decision Making in the Human Lifespan to explore the values she holds about life and to figure out what she would want in her own life.  Though she wants to make a living in a music career she believes that Bioethics in an important field that all people should consider looking into even if it’s only sporadically.  Being in this project has prompted important discussions with family and friends.  She looks forward to continuing her study of Bioethics in the future.

Elyse Di Cesare, Class of 2018

Elyse DiCesare is a sophomore in her second year at Kent Place School. For The Bioethics Project 2016: Medical Decision Making and the Human Lifespan, she has focused on the topic of Adolescent Autonomy and deciding whether an adolescent is capable to make an end of life decision. Elyse decided to participate in the Bioethics Project because she enjoys the fields of medicine and ethics and is interested in pursuing them in the future. The Bioethics project has allowed her the opportunity to hear and discuss different opinions throughout various Bioethics topics. Elyse is grateful for the many resources that her teachers and peers have given her throughout the project because they have tremendously improved her thought process on ethics and bioethics in general.

Sophie Huttner, Class of 2018

Vivienne Germain is currently a sophomore in her second year at Kent Place.  She joined the Bioethics Project in 2017 to learn more about ethical issues in medicine and to expand her way of thinking.  She was especially excited about this year’s theme, “Medical Innovation and Healthcare Technology: Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine,” which inspired her to research the application of virtual reality technology into surgical training and how it changes what it means to be a good doctor.  Vivienne loved being a part of this thought-provoking and exciting course, and she will carry the skills she has learned with her for the rest of her life.

Alexa Kolakoski, Class of 2018

Alexa Kolakoski is currently a sophomore at Kent Place and has attended the school since kindergarten. Her project explores the use of physician aid in dying for those who suffer from severe mental health issues in particular depression.  She chose to participate in the Bioethics Project due to a lifelong fascination with ethics and the medical field. She hopes to take the knowledge and experience she has gained from her work on the project to help her achieve her future goal of becoming a veterinarian.

Veda Kumar, Class of 2018

Veda Kumar came to Kent Place in the first grade and is now in tenth grade. She joined the Bioethics Project because of her interests in medicine and ethics and has chosen to explore the ethics of using PGD for adult onset diseases in her project. The Bioethics Project presents the opportunity to embrace different perspectives on many complex ethical issues, which she looks forward to continuing to do in her future pursuits of science and ethics.

Ruth Laurence, Class of 2018

Ruthie Laurence is currently in 10th grade at Kent Place School. Her project focuses on the  ethical implications of using longevity medications under the knowledge of Earth’s population problem. She chose to participate in the Bioethics program because of a love and deep interest of bio sciences and ethical reasoning. Ruthie joined Kent Place in 6th grade and has absolutely loved participating in the science program throughout her time there.

Reagan McRae, Class of 2017

Reagan McRae is a junior at Kent Place School and has been attending for six years. Her focus during the Bioethics Project has been on researching a new technology called bioprinting, which will allow humans to 3D print human tissue to make new organs. She decided to participate in this year’s project, The Bioethics Project 2016: Medical Decision Making and the Human Lifespan, because of her immense interest in science surrounding both the life and death of humans. She is also a firm believer that an understanding of Bioethics increases one’s confidence in their beliefs and is an imperative quality for any leader. Though her particular pathway is still unclear, she hopes to continue with the medical field with a particular interest in forensic medicine and forensic pathology.

Priyanka Ray, Class of 2016

Maggie Stanton came to Kent Place School two years ago as a freshman.  At Kent Place, she has enhanced her interest in science and gained a new passion for the study of ethics by joining the Bioethics Project.  The theme of “Medical Innovation and Healthcare Technology: Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine,”inspired her to join due to her curiosity to pursue a medical profession in the future.  With this theme, Maggie researched about synthetic biology and the ethical implications that the creation of artificial life may have.  Maggie is extremely thankful and grateful for being apart of this mind opening course.