2022-2023 Projects

2022-2023 Projects
January 31, 2023 No Comments Vision of Justice Ariel Sykes

Ethics of Inclusion/Exclusion of Pregnant Women in Clinical Trials

By Megan Altier       

Ethicality of Surgery for Intersex Youth

By Naina Bhardwaj        

Ethics of Sex Selection

By Dvita Bhattacharya

Ethicality of IVF

By Rhyan Brown

Hormone Therapy for Transgender Youth

By Sophia Gandhi

Ethics of Digital Phenotyping

By Cassie Miller

Male Birth Control

By Sahana Kapoor

Access to Equitable Healthcare for Women

By Julia Messerman

Ethicality of Gender-Specific Research Based on the Potential Societal Harms

By Nicola Murungi

Ethicality of Abortion through Various Frameworks

By Annabelle Walter

Ethicality of Genetic Engineering

By Helen Wu

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