Category: Vision of Justice

Category: Vision of Justice

2022-2023 Projects
January 31, 2023 Vision of Justice Ariel Sykes

Ethics of Inclusion/Exclusion of Pregnant Women in Clinical Trials By Megan Altier        Ethicality of Surgery for Intersex Youth By Naina Bhardwaj         Ethics of Sex Selection By Dvita Bhattacharya Ethicality of IVF By Rhyan Brown Hormone Therapy for Transgender Youth By Sophia Gandhi Ethics of Digital Phenotyping By Cassie Miller Male Birth Control By

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Human Challenge Trials for the COVID-19 Vaccine
June 10, 2022 Vision of Justice Astrid B. '23

Human Challenge Trials and COVID-19: The Risks, Rewards, and Ethics Behind Rapidly Developing a New Vaccine By Astrid Burns As the historic COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly around the globe, medical researchers in the UK arranged human challenge trials to fast track discovery of safe and effective vaccines. These trials necessitated tests to determine the amount

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Vulnerable and Valuable: Ageism and Covid-19
June 8, 2022 Vision of Justice Lizzy W. '23

The Rise in Ageism during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Relation to Scarce Resource Allocation By Lizzy Washburn This paper will focus on how the Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected the elderly community and has shed light on systemic issues threatening the safety and wellbeing of the elderly community. Additionally, it will explore the value of

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Ableism and COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
June 3, 2022 Vision of Justice Alana D. '22

Ableism in COVID-19: Insight into medical injustices suffered by people with intellectual or developmental disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic By Alana DeVirgilio This research paper explores the implications of ableism in the medical field, specifically within the COVID-19 pandemic. Through researching the effects of ableist misconceptions, lack of access to resources for people with disabilities,

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The Ethics of Pharmaceutical Pricing
June 1, 2022 Vision of Justice Giordan I. '23

Profit vs Access: An Ethical Commentary to Pharmaceutical Pricing in Relation to Patient Access By Giordan Ismael Medical costs have been drastically increasing for many Americans. One factor that has influenced increases in the healthcare spending category is the increase of prescription drugs. Currently, there are limited regulations regarding the pricing for prescription drugs which

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Justice in Covid-19 Crisis Triage
June 1, 2022 Vision of Justice Kate L. '22

Justice in Covid-19 Crisis Triage: Race Equity and Maximization By Kate Lowry This research paper explores crisis standards of care in the COVID pandemic and the issues of justice within scarce resource allocation in hospitals. When the demand exceeds the supply of critical care resources in the ICU, triage is implemented in an attempt to

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The Role of Developed Nations to Developing Nations
May 5, 2022 Vision of Justice Anyra K. '22

The Unspoken Dilemma of Inadequate Health Infrastructures in Developing Nations An exploration of the ethical obligations of developed nations in ensuring the value of human life By: Anyra Kapoor Do developed nations have a responsibility to aid developing nations in issues that revolve around the right to health? Where does this obligation end? And most

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The Benefits and Flaws of Pharmaceutical Detailing
May 5, 2022 Vision of Justice Sophia F. '21

Finding the Line between Profit and Patients: The Ethics of Pharmaceutical Detailing By Sophia Famular This paper discusses the ethics of pharmaceutical and academic detailing, touching briefly on direct-to-consumer advertising and its effects. Pharmaceutical detailing is a method that pharmaceutical companies employ to inform physicians about prescription medications. Academic detailing also informs doctors about prescription

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School-Based Mental Health Services
June 4, 2021 Vision of Justice Cece R. '23

A School’s Responsibility in Providing Mental Health Support By Cece Reali Exploring the benefits of mental health services through a public health perspective, this paper addresses a school’s responsibility to provide mental health treatment services and asks larger questions such as, “How can/should schools provide and distribute resources like mental health services to those who

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Ethical Implications of Increased Access to IVF
June 4, 2021 Vision of Justice Clara S. '23

The Ethical Implications of Increasing Access to IVF, When Considering Socioeconomic, Regional, Ethnic, and Race-based Exclusivity By Clara Schreibman Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Key points In Vitro Fertilization Background The Unfairness of Infertility; Recognizing It as a Disability Legal Recognition of the Importance of Reproductive Capacity Reproduction of the Past Economic Barriers to Infertility

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