Tag: bioethics

Tag: bioethics

The Ethics of Hormone Therapy
July 11, 2023 Gender Sophia Gandhi

To Affirm or Not To Affirm: The Ethical Implications of Hormone Therapy for Transgender Youth By Sophia Gandhi Access to hormone therapy for transgender youth is one of the most debated political, medical and bioethical topics of our world. As the number of transgender adolescents rises, and more and more seek out this type of

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Pregnant Women in Clinical Trials
July 11, 2023 Gender Megan Altier

No Medication without Clinical Trial Representation: The Ethics of Clinical Research Guidelines that Exclude Pregnant Women By Megan Altier Historically, FDA and pharmaceutical regulations have excluded pregnant women from clinical trials for numerous reasons, most importantly being the risks to the mother and fetus. Because of this, these women are left subject to harm in

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Access to Mammograms for Low-income Women
July 11, 2023 Gender Julia Messerman

Low-income, Little Healthcare: The Ethical Inequities of Healthcare for Women With Low-incomes By Julia Messerman This paper will explore access to mammograms for women with low incomes and who should be responsible to ensure that all women have access to the medical technology that they need. I looked into the different types of groups that

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The Ethics of Abortion
July 11, 2023 Gender Annabelle Walter

The Ethics of Abortion: Examining the Ethicality of Abortion Through Various Ethical Frameworks By Annabelle Walter After Roe v. Wade was overturned with the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, the question of access to abortion was put in the hands of state governments. Debates and protests surrounding abortion access quickly swept the nation,

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Access to A.R.T. for Women of Color
July 11, 2023 Gender Rhyan Brown

You Get a Baby! You Get a Baby! Not Everyone Gets a Baby: The Ethics of Inequities Within Assisted Reproductive Technologies for Women of Color By Rhyan Brown Many people view having children as a natural part of life. However, due to certain factors, this may not be natural for everyone. Numerous people who are

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The Ethics of Intersex Surgeries
July 11, 2023 Gender Naina Bhardwa

Focus on Hearts, Not Parts: The Ethics of Youth Intersex Surgeries By Naina Bhardwaj What does it mean to “do good” for a child? How much control should parents get over their children’s bodies? When is it necessary to operate on a child without their consent? These are questions raised by the issue of youth

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Ethics of Gene Editing for Gender Dysphoria
July 11, 2023 Gender Ruo Wu

Playing God with Genetics: The Ethics of Gene Editing for Gender Dysphoria By Helen (Ruo Han) Wu Imagine a world where diseases could simply be cured by editing the underlying genetic mutations. Why should we stop the development of technology that can one day save your life? Along with new medical capabilities, a race toward

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Ethics of Male Birth Control
July 11, 2023 Gender Sahana Kapoor

His Body… His Responsibility? The Ethical Implications of New Male Birth Control Options By Sahana Kapoor Male contraception has long been an area of scientific exploration and debate, offering the potential for greater reproductive autonomy as well as sharing the burden of contraception between partners. While the focus of birth control has primarily been directed

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The Ethics of Digital Phenotyping
June 11, 2023 Gender Cassandra Miller

Your Phone Can’t Read Your Mind. Or Can It? The Ethics of Using Digital Data to Infer Signs and Symptoms of Psychological and Neurological Diseases By Cassandra Miller Imagine a future where your iPhone can detect early signs of Alzheimer’s, or a future where a doctor can monitor a depressive patient solely based on their

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Last Rights: The Ethics of Managing the Dead in COVID-19
January 27, 2023 Global Bioethics Alexandra Grushkin

Last Rights: The Ethics of Managing the Dead in COVID-19 By Alexandra Grushkin Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Background Information: Traditional Funeral Rites of Predominant Religions Abrahamic Religions (USA) Hinduism and Buddhism (India) The Effects of COVID-19 on Deathcare Impact of COVID-19 on the USA Impact of COVID-19 on India Ethical Considerations Conclusion Abstract Humans

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