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Last Rights: The Ethics of Managing the Dead in COVID-19
January 27, 2023 Global Bioethics Alexandra Grushkin

Last Rights: The Ethics of Managing the Dead in COVID-19 By Alexandra Grushkin Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Background Information: Traditional Funeral Rites of Predominant Religions Abrahamic Religions (USA) Hinduism and Buddhism (India) The Effects of COVID-19 on Deathcare Impact of COVID-19 on the USA Impact of COVID-19 on India Ethical Considerations Conclusion Abstract Humans

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The Ethics of Poland’s Reproductive Health System
May 26, 2022 Global Bioethics Liz Khidekel

Access to Autonomy: Examining the Ethics of Polish Reproductive Health Rights By Elizabeth Khidekel Religion has played an essential role in determining moral codes and guidelines throughout history. However, conflicting power dynamics often rise when societal influence starts dictating legislation and therefore, individuals’ ways of life. This paper details and analyzes the ethics of an

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Ethical Implications of Hydraulic Fracturing
May 5, 2022 Global Bioethics Sophia Builione

Planet Under Pressure: The Ethical Implications of the Hydraulic Fracturing Industry By Sophia Builione Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Fracking Background Impacts on Key Stakeholders Economy Environment Physical Health Mental Health Ethics Safety vs. Security Justice Responsibility Consequentialism Conclusion Abstract Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as “fracking”, is a process utilizing drilling technology for extracting

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The Future of Brain Organoids
May 5, 2022 Global Bioethics Ishani Wadhwa

Brain Organoids: Revolutionizing the Future of Neuro Experimentation By Ishani Wadhwa The technological advancement of human brain organoids, tissue designed to simulate the structure and function of the human brain, has raised many ethical concerns. Their creation, experimentation, and application is being heavily debated by physicians and neurologists alike. I use the values of respect,

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The Ethics of “Curing” Aging
May 5, 2022 Global Bioethics Katie Tan

Defying Death: Cellular Reprogramming to “Cure” Aging By Katie Tan What if we could live forever? What would be the consequences of eliminating aging from society? Would we still be human? All of these questions are important when determining the ethicality of pursuing anti-aging technology, which is closer to the future than people may think.

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Plastics in the Healthcare Industry
May 5, 2022 Global Bioethics Lily Tan

Sterile and Sinister: The Ethics of Plastics in Healthcare By Lily Tan Are single use plastics necessary in healthcare? Does the industry have an obligation to limit its use if it has the ability to compromise patient safety? These are all questions which highlight the issue of plastics in healthcare. Especially with the advent of

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The Ethics of Cosmetic Surgery in Relation to Autonomy
May 5, 2022 Global Bioethics Olivia Santoro

The Ethical Implications of Cosmetic Surgery and Autonomy Under the Beauty Industry By Olivia Santoro Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Introduction to Cosmetic Surgery Effect of Beauty Standards on Women Impact of Cosmetic Surgery on Mental Health Is purely aesthetic cosmetic surgery ethical if it can result in unintended or long-term harm to the patient?

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Prioritization for Organ Allocation
May 5, 2022 Global Bioethics Sophia Brandstaedter

Rewarding Reciprocity: The Ethical Implications of Organ Allocation By Sophia Brandstaedter This research paper explores the ethical implications of organ allocation. Due to an organ shortage crisis, where the number of organs needed exceeds the number of organs donated, each country has developed a policy determining who gets priority for receiving this scarce resource. This

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