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Tag: justice

Gene Patenting and the Commercialization of the Human Body
February 7, 2023 The Genetic Self Ariel Sykes

Gene Patenting and the Commercialization of the Human Body By Natasha Sharma How would you feel knowing that a research company owns your genes? Does owning genes commercialize the human body? Is it right to put a price on the human body? In the last few years, a common practice known as gene patenting has

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Human Longevity vs. Planetary Sustainability
February 3, 2023 Medical Decisions and the Human Lifespan Ariel Sykes

Human Longevity vs. Planetary Sustainability: The Hard Choice of a Cure for a Disease or a Cure for the Planet By Ruth Laurence Table of Contents Introduction Factual Background on Population Growth Factual Background on Longevity Medication Justice for the Earth Fairness for Humans Conclusion Introduction The human population is growing at an alarming pace.

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Human Challenge Trials for the COVID-19 Vaccine
June 10, 2022 Vision of Justice Astrid B. '23

Human Challenge Trials and COVID-19: The Risks, Rewards, and Ethics Behind Rapidly Developing a New Vaccine By Astrid Burns As the historic COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly around the globe, medical researchers in the UK arranged human challenge trials to fast track discovery of safe and effective vaccines. These trials necessitated tests to determine the amount

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Justice in Covid-19 Crisis Triage
June 1, 2022 Vision of Justice Kate L. '22

Justice in Covid-19 Crisis Triage: Race Equity and Maximization By Kate Lowry This research paper explores crisis standards of care in the COVID pandemic and the issues of justice within scarce resource allocation in hospitals. When the demand exceeds the supply of critical care resources in the ICU, triage is implemented in an attempt to

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The Role of Developed Nations to Developing Nations
May 5, 2022 Vision of Justice Anyra K. '22

The Unspoken Dilemma of Inadequate Health Infrastructures in Developing Nations An exploration of the ethical obligations of developed nations in ensuring the value of human life By: Anyra Kapoor Do developed nations have a responsibility to aid developing nations in issues that revolve around the right to health? Where does this obligation end? And most

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The Ethics of CRISPR Gene Editing
June 4, 2021 Vision of Justice Sofia K. '23

Justice and CRISPR: Diving Deeper into Issues and Inequalities Perpetuated by CRISPR By Sofia Keri CRISPR, or Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, edits genes in living organisms with the potential to cure diseases. However, is the use of CRISPR modifications on somatic cells ethical through the lens of justice, especially with respect to sickle

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2021 Virtual Bioethics Symposium
April 14, 2021 Uncategorized Ariel Sykes

Non-KPS Members: Register to Attend the Event Here 2021 Bioethics Symposium Schedule Tuesday, April 20th Learn more about each presentation here Opening Presentation (9:30-9:45 a.m.) Bioethics Scholar Sessions (9:50 – 10:35 a.m.) An Ethical Examination of the Obligations of Governments Locally and Globally for the Health of Citizens Life-Changing Technologies and their Ethical Implications: IVF and CRISPR

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The Ethics of Drone Warfare
July 6, 2020 Brave New World Apara Sharma

 The Soldier Behind the Screen: The Ethical Implications of Semi-Autonomous Warfare By Georgia H. Rabin This research paper focuses on the ethical implications of semi-autonomous drone warfare used for United States (U.S.) counterterrorism efforts.  Drone warfare brings up questions about whether or not unconventional warfare calls for an unconventional response, and about what a military’s

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