Tag: responsibility

Tag: responsibility

Access to Mammograms for Low-income Women
July 11, 2023 Gender Julia Messerman

Low-income, Little Healthcare: The Ethical Inequities of Healthcare for Women With Low-incomes By Julia Messerman This paper will explore access to mammograms for women with low incomes and who should be responsible to ensure that all women have access to the medical technology that they need. I looked into the different types of groups that

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Ethics of Male Birth Control
July 11, 2023 Gender Sahana Kapoor

His Body… His Responsibility? The Ethical Implications of New Male Birth Control Options By Sahana Kapoor Male contraception has long been an area of scientific exploration and debate, offering the potential for greater reproductive autonomy as well as sharing the burden of contraception between partners. While the focus of birth control has primarily been directed

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Adolescent Autonomy and the Ethics in Making Medical Decisions
February 1, 2023 Medical Decisions and the Human Lifespan Ariel Sykes

Adolescent Autonomy and the Ethics in Making Medical Decisions: Are Adolescents Capable of Making End of Life Decisions? By Elyse DiCesare Table of Contents Introduction Factual Information Autonomy Responsibility Caring and the Three Stakeholders Conclusion Introduction Imagine you are a 17 year old adolescent girl who has been battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma. You have an 85%

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The Ethics of Pharmaceutical Pricing
June 1, 2022 Vision of Justice Giordan I. '23

Profit vs Access: An Ethical Commentary to Pharmaceutical Pricing in Relation to Patient Access By Giordan Ismael Medical costs have been drastically increasing for many Americans. One factor that has influenced increases in the healthcare spending category is the increase of prescription drugs. Currently, there are limited regulations regarding the pricing for prescription drugs which

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The Role of Developed Nations to Developing Nations
May 5, 2022 Vision of Justice Anyra K. '22

The Unspoken Dilemma of Inadequate Health Infrastructures in Developing Nations An exploration of the ethical obligations of developed nations in ensuring the value of human life By: Anyra Kapoor Do developed nations have a responsibility to aid developing nations in issues that revolve around the right to health? Where does this obligation end? And most

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Educating the Public During a Pandemic
June 3, 2021 Vision of Justice Alex S. '22

“Educating the Public During a Pandemic”: The Role and Responsibility of the CDC By Alexandra Sinins ’22 The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly expanded the public’s knowledge about the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the United States government agency responsible for public health. Society knows about the CDC related to their announcements about the coronavirus, its

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The Responsibility of a Nuclear Age
June 23, 2020 Brave New World Apara Sharma

The Effects of the Mushroom: The Responsibility of a Nuclear Age By Sophia Paris On August 6th, 1945, the United States changed the world forever– an atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima. In this paper, an ethical discussion surrounding the implications of nuclear warfare will be addressed. Themes of responsibility and accountability

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